Buying your cat a Valentines Day gift? Isn’t that a little … weird?

Oh, come on! We love our kitties!

Who’s there to greet you at the door after work, never demanding anything of you after a stressful day? Who patiently waits while you prepare their meal and then immediately finishes off the plate without any complaints? Who ALWAYS cleans up after themselves following an unfortunate furball incident?

OK, so maybe cats don’t do any of those things…

But they sure are stinkin’ cute, so there’s that!

Our kitties entertain us with their crazy antics, curl up beside us on the sofa to keep us warm, and show their love every day with purrs and precious slow blinks. Valentines Day is all about celebrating love so your kitty deserves to be spoiled with a Valentines Day gift!

If cats need to be play for their physical and mental health, and they need plenty of time to rest to keep that youthful glow, why not play and rest with adorable, seasonal toys and cat furniture?

I’ve curated a collection of adorable Valentines gift ideas for your cat from heart cat toys to Valentines cat beds. All of these items are handmade and support small shops and artists.

Pick up something sweet for the kitty in your life this Valentines Day while supporting small shops. It’s a win-win!


Wand Heart Stick Toy – $6


Flannel heart cat bed – $30+
Sushi Cat Style


Valentines Pouncers cat toys – $14
The Purring Saw


Love Letter Custom Cat Toy – $9
Debra Annmarie Studio


Sweetheart Scratch Post – $129+
Hollywood Kitty Company


Valentine’s Day Heart Bandana – $14.99+
Paws Kouture


Valentines cat collar – $13
Tiny Tiger Collars


Cat Bow Tie – $9.95
Made By Cleo


Conversation Hearts Toys – $8
Little Mack Crafts

Looking for more cat beds and Valentines Day gifts for your cat? Visit our shop now for beach chair cat beds and catnip toys!

Purrfect Valentines Gift Ideas for your cat
9 Purrfect Valentines Gift Ideas for your cat
Purrfect Valentines Gift Ideas for your cat
9 Purrfect Valentines Gift Ideas for your cat