Looking for adorably cute Halloween cat toys for sale? You’ve come to the right place!

This year’s collection of catnip crinkle kickers are frightfully cute and are sure to be loved by your kitty.

Precious black cats with big eyes and button noses?

Adorable little ghosts for your Lil Boo?

Kitties dressed in ghost Halloween costumes?

Come ON! These catnip crinkle kickers are just ridiculous!

Not only are they adorable, but Purring Saw catnip crinkle kickers are loved by kitties for their intoxicating catnip and silver vine blend, irresistible loud crinkle sound, and perfect large size for hugging and kicking.

Halloween Cat Toys for Sale

Irresistible Catnip Cat Toys

These hand-sewn Halloween catnip kicker cat toys are sure to be adored by your cat. They’re perfect for hugging, kicking, and napping. The potent natural catnip and silver vine blend is irresistible to most cats and the loud crinkle sound is perfect for playtime.

These cat kicker toys are large – approximately 3.5″x10″ (9×25 cm). Each cat toy is made from durable linen/cotton blend fabric and filled with polyester fiberfill, loud crinkle material, and two heaping tablespoons of a natural catnip and silver vine mix.

cute Halloween cat toys

These Halloween cat toys are for sale individually or as a set of three if you can’t choose a favorite!

Additionally, favorite fall catnip toys from last season have returned! Quantities are limited, but these cat toys are being sewn fresh and ready to be loved by your kitty.

Fall cat toys

Where to Buy Halloween Cat Toys

The Halloween collection of Catnip Crinkle Kickers cat toys is available on Etsy at The Purring Saw. Shop Now!

cute Halloween cat toys
Halloween cat toys
Halloween catnip crinkle cat toys