On October 23, 2018, The Purring Saw was approaching its grand opening and the cat tent cat bed was announced for the first time.

And today, exactly two years later, it’s time to announce this cat bed’s retirement.

The cat tent is officially in its final sale days.

The last day to purchase will be Tuesday, October 27, 2020.

Goodness, I didn’t even plan on this timing and it makes this announcement even more emotional that these two announcements are being made exactly two years apart!

Cat tent cat bed

The cat tent was the product that launched The Purring Saw. It was the cat bed that immediately came to mind when I first considered starting a cat furniture business.

In the spring of 2018, the small technology company for which I had worked for 15 years began disintegrating. My full-time salary was no longer a guarantee for my family so I immediately began to consider other income sources.

The sudden job change was a blessing. A stressful one, but a blessing nonetheless.

I didn’t want to be a web programmer anymore and felt unfulfilled in my job for years. It didn’t satisfy my creative desires and I had been loathing staring at a computer screen 40+ hours a week.

But it was safe.

I had amazing, caring coworkers and it was a secure financial situation for my family for so many years.

Since 2008, I worked from home and felt like I had the best of both worlds. I worked full time, but was still able to watch my babies grow up at home even if I wasn’t with them every minute during the day. They’d toddle into my office for a random hug while I was working. My commute was a walk downstairs and not sitting in traffic, spending even more time away from them.

The financial stability we had for so long combined with the time I was able to spend with my boys during their childhood is something I still wouldn’t change.

Despite the joy-draining work at my job, those family benefits kept me there for so long. It was the change that was forced upon me by the company that was exactly what I needed to start following my dreams!

And this is where cat tents enter the story.

We’re an outdoorsy family that loves hiking and camping, so combining my love of cats and the outdoors was a natural fit for my first creative venture.

The design of the cat tents went pretty quickly. The wood frame and cover design were finalized by early summer. The blanket took a while longer. I originally wanted it to be stylized like a sleeping bag. That design simply never worked and a padded blanket was the clear choice as soon as I found the luxuriously soft minky fabric.

Now that I had a product, I needed a shop from which to sell it!

The summer of 2018 into the fall was all about learning how to be a business. I took courses, researched and tested materials, created this website and all of the branding materials, and jumped through all the hoops to be properly set up as a business in the eyes of the government, all the while learning sewing from my mom and woodworking from my husband to get the first batch of cat tents ready for the big launch day.

So, saying “goodbye” to the cat tent is rather emotional. These were the products that started this shop and helped me learn how to be a businesswoman. Every decision I made while starting The Purring Saw always came back to the cat tents.

So, why are the cat tents being discontinued?

Pricing has always been an issue. One of my biggest mistakes during the months I spent preparing the cat tents for sale was waiting too long to actually determine the product price. Then, I saw other cat beds similar to the cat tents on Etsy close my ultimate price point and assumed that meant they would automatically sell.

Even their original $100+ price tag was not properly priced for these time-intensive cat beds. While high-end cat furniture businesses certainly exist, I don’t have the desire to own a luxury cat product company.

Shipping costs have also been extremely frustrating. Postage to addresses beyond the East Coast are outrageous and I was constantly receiving messages asking for lower postage rates. There was simply nothing I could do about this.

Cat tents simply aren’t the right product for my business.

One of my business coaches often refers to her small shop history and how her first products were completely different from the products where she ultimately found her niche.

I thought of that comment often in the summer of 2018 while creating this shop with only one product at the time. Sometimes I wondered what the shop would eventually become.

And here I am now, just two years later, offering cat products that I never dreamed of then. I’m grateful for what the cat tents did for this shop and am excited about what the future holds!


Cat tents are now available for a small fraction of their original price for just a few more days. Cat tents and extra covers are 50% off their existing clearance prices. These cat beds are available in several timeless and classy styles with super soft, machine-washable minky blankets that your kitty is sure to love!

Thank you for your support of The Purring Saw and the cat tents. I’m so happy to provide your kitty with a cat bed they love!