After experimenting with many different catnip cat toys in a variety of shapes and sizes, my Research & Development team of foster kittens and resident house cats chose their favorite – Pouncers!

These small, lightweight cat toys are just the right size for chewing, batting, hugging, kicking, swatting, pouncing, and carrying around in their mouths. These cat toy Pouncers are winners!

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Pouncers! Catnip Cat Toys

Pouncers! are available as a trio in gorgeous fabrics that look great in your home while being irresistible to your kitty! Shop for the perfect combination of catnip, crinkle, and ribbons for Kitty’s purrfect playtime. These toys are approximately 2.5×4” (6×10 cm) each, just the right size to swat around and fly across the floor.

Each cat toy is made from durable upholstery fabric. All corners have reinforced stitching for durability. They are all filled with a pinch of polyester fiber fill and a heaping teaspoon of a natural catnip and silver vine mix.