The Camping Collection of cat tents is a collection of timeless and classy cat beds that coordinate with your living room decor. Cat tents are available as three-piece sets consisting of a wood frame, fabric cover, and minky blanket. Covers and blankets may also be purchased separately.

Cat Tents

Calling all campers! This wood-frame indoor cat tent is the perfect cat bed to complement the decor your home. The cat tent is lightweight but sturdy, easy to clean, and so comfortable for your kitty. All three-piece cat tent sets come with a wood frame, fabric tent cover, and minky blanket.

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Cat Tent Blankets

Oh, your kitty is going to LOVE this! The hand-sewn blanket is made from super soft minky fabric. An inner layer of fluffy fleece makes this blanket plush and comfy. Messes are no problem. The blanket can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry on low. Cat blankets come in cat tent sets and may also be purchased separately so that your kitty is never without a blankie when one is in the wash or you want to switch up your decor color.

Cat Tent Covers

The cat tent cover is sewn by hand from a medium-weight cotton duck upholstery fabric dyed with water-based pigments and made in the USA. The fabric is not waterproof and intended only for indoor use. Spot cleaning is recommended. Machine washing will cause shrinkage although the cover will still fit on the wood frame. Always air dry these covers. One cover is included with each cat tent set and covers are also available separately for a change of decor or to coordinate with the holidays.

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