The Purring Saw is on a mission to provide stylish, easy-to-maintain cat furniture while benefiting animal rescues.

Does your cat prefer to nap in the privacy of an enclosed space?

Or does she prefer to lay in the sun for all to admire her cuteness?

The Purring Saw offers quality, comfortable, easy-to-clean cat beds for both kitty napping preferences!

cat tent
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Cat Tent Cat Beds

Calling all campers! This wood-frame indoor cat tent is the perfect cat bed to complement the decor your home. The cat tent is lightweight but sturdy, easy to clean, and so comfortable for your kitty. All three-piece cat tent sets come with a wood frame, fabric tent cover, and minky blanket.

Beach Chair Cat Beds

These folding wood-frame sling beach chairs have a super comfy hammock cat bed design with a reversible fabric cover that’s two covers in one! These cat beds are lightweight, collapsable, and portable (but intended for indoor use only!). The cat hammock sling design is super comfy for your kitty. Setup requires no tools and is quick and easy.

beach chair cat bed
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