While hanging Christmas decorations this year, who says your kitty can’t join in on the fun? Here are a few great Christmas cat toys and cat beds to add to your home’s holiday decor and help your kitty get into the spirit of the season!

catnip kicker toy

Eco-Kicker Catnip Cat Toy – $8

How adorable is this holiday catnip kicker toy from Birds of a Sweater? These toys are made from recycled materials and a portion of all sales go towards feeding feral cats.

Santa Cat Ball

Santa Cat Ball – $55

We love this Santa-inspired cat bed! What a cute and festive touch by your tree with a great pop of red.

catnip gingerbread toy

Catnip Gingerbread Man Christmas Cat Toy – $9

Housecatclub has some of the cutest felt catnip toys anywhere! Treat your kitty to a cute gingerbread cookie.

Christmas cat tent

Christmas Cat Tent – $125

A Christmas cat bed that both you and your cat will love! This wood-frame cat tent is sturdy and lightweight, and the minky blanket is SO soft!

Purrbucks Catpuccino

Purrbucks Catpuccino Cat Toy – $5

CLECatCo puts an adorable twist on your favorite holiday beverage!

wool cat cave

Cozy Felted Wool Cat Cave – $52.95

Your kitty will love this cozy cat cave by Kittycentric on chilly December nights.

Cardboard nesting trees

Cardboard Nesting Tree Cat Scratcher – $62

Napping Jojo even has the perfect winter cardboard scratcher for your kitty!

Christmas tree cat house

Christmas tree cat house – $140

Oh Christmas tree! Give your kitty his or her own tree so stay warm this winter.

Looking for more cat Christmas decorations? Visit our shop now for more Christmas cat beds!

8 adorable Christmas Cat Toys & Cat Beds