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Christmas Cat Tent Collection

While decorating your home for Christmas, don't let your kitty miss out on the fun! These Christmas cat beds are a great way to include your kitty in your Christmas decor while providing a soft and cozy space for napping. The cat tents in this Christmas collection come in three different patterns with a variety of coordinating minky blankets and a choice of wood frames. If your kitty already has a cat tent, you may just purchase one of [...]

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12 Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Still looking for a Christmas gift for the cat lovers in your life? Here are a few purrfect ideas for cat lover gifts including jewelry, home decor, and gifts for the cats. Tiny But Mighty Bracelet $38 Not only are these cat paw bracelets adorable, they help support the amazing work with newborn rescue kittens by Kitten Lady. Black Cat Ring Dish $19 Handmade pottery makes a truly unique gift [...]

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8 Christmas Cat Toys and Cat Beds

While hanging Christmas decorations this year, who says your kitty can’t join in on the fun? Here are a few great Christmas cat toys and cat beds to add to your home’s holiday decor and help your kitty get into the spirit of the season! Eco-Kicker Catnip Cat Toy - $8 How adorable is this holiday catnip kicker toy from Birds of a Sweater? These toys are made from recycled materials and a portion of [...]

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