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9 Purrfect Valentines Gift Ideas for Cats

Buying your cat a Valentines Day gift? Isn’t that a little ... weird? Oh, come on! We love our kitties! Who’s there to greet you at the door after work, never demanding anything of you after a stressful day? Who patiently waits while you prepare their meal and then immediately finishes off the plate without any complaints? Who ALWAYS cleans up after themselves following an unfortunate furball incident? OK, so maybe cats don’t do any of those things... But [...]

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Cute Halloween Cat Toys

Treat your kitty to frightfully cute Halloween cat toys with this new collection of Pouncers! catnip toys. Lightweight crinkle catnip Pouncers are already loved by kitties and now they’re even CUTER! Adorable little ghosts for your Lil Boo? Happy spiders spinning their webs? Yummy candy corn? These Halloween cat toys are both irresistible for your kitty without being an eyesore on your living room floor! SHOP NOW Beloved Catnip Cat Toys The Pouncers’ design keeps them [...]

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Who knew cat toys could also be pretty?

Time to put the summer beach chair cat bed fabric scraps to good use! After creating the first release of Pouncers catnip cat toys, several design changes were made to make the summer collection unique. Like the original Pouncers! cat toys, the summer collection is trios of catnip toys that are lightweight, flying across the floor with the slightest swat. The unique twisting design ensures that the toy always lands standing up, ready for more pouncing. When in play, [...]

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A “Pounceable” Catnip Cat Toy for Your Kitty!

Sewing beach chair cat beds has left me with a pile of fabric scraps. Never wanting any materials to go to waste, I started testing catnip cat toy prototypes and offered them to my expert Research and Development team of foster kittens for rigorous testing and observation. Catnip kicker cat toys? Been there. Done that. Catnip pillow toys? The kittens said, and I kid you not, “You expect us to play with those??” Lightweight crinkle catnip [...]

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The Purrfect Summer Cat Bed to Keep Your Kitty Cool!

It’s summertime and that furry, fluffy cat bed is totally not in season anymore! This adorable cat-sized beach chair is the purrfect summer cat bed to keep your kitty cool and comfortable. Perfect Summer Cat Bed Design These summer cat beds are elevated, allowing air to circulate around your kitty. The covers are sleek and streamlined, without furry plush fabric, keeping her extra cool in the summer. These folding beach chair cat beds are lightweight, collapsable, and portable [...]

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8 Spring Cat Toys and Cat Beds

Spring is finally here! Who's ready to add some spring color to their home? *waves arm frantically* These spring cat toys and cat beds are the beautiful additions to your home’s seasonal springtime decor. And don't forget about your cat's Easter basket. The toys here would be purrfect basket fillers so your kitty can celebrate the new season, too! Looking for a gifts for cat lovers in your life? This list should solve your spring gifting needs by gifting [...]

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Adorable Beach Chair Cat Beds

Hammock-style cat beds are an incredibly comfortable cat bed style for your kitty. When I set out to design a new hammock cat bed for my cats, I wanted one that would be easy to care for while being a stylish and cute addition to any room in the house. After noticing the structural similarity of a wood frame sling beach chair, I knew I’d found the answer. Beach chair cat beds! Not only would this be a comfortable, [...]

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Assemble Your Beach Chair Cat Bed

Your kitty is just three minutes away from enjoying a super comfy new cat bed that is purrfect for sunbathing. This beach chair cat bed is not only adorable with a reversible cover that provides two looks in one, it’s lightweight, sturdy, and your kitty will sleep well on the ergonomic cat hammock. But first, some quick assembly is needed so let’s get started! Parts List The box will contain the following parts: two-piece wood [...]

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Luxury Minky Catnip Kicker Cat Toy Collection

After sewing dozens of cat tent covers and minky cat blankets, The Purring Saw HQ has grown quite a collection of fabric scraps. Making a small product would be the perfect way to use up the scraps so, naturally, cat toys were the answer. The past few months have been spent prototyping, testing (thanks to my R&D team of my own house cats and room of rotating foster kittens), and perfecting designs. Two cat toy designs will be released [...]

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Winter Cat Tent Collection

A warm fire is crackling in the fireplace. Hot cocoa is steaming on the stove. And the cat is warm and cozy in her cat bed. I love all things winter, especially creating a warm, cozy living room after a long, chilly day. These winter cat tent beds create a comfy space for your kitty while coordinating flawlessly with your room's neutral modern farmhouse design. Add winter pastel or neutrals with bold jewel tones to your living space while [...]

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