Sewing beach chair cat beds has left me with a pile of fabric scraps. Never wanting any materials to go to waste, I started testing catnip cat toy prototypes and offered them to my expert Research and Development team of foster kittens for rigorous testing and observation.

Catnip kicker cat toys? Been there. Done that.

Catnip pillow toys? The kittens said, and I kid you not, “You expect us to play with those??”

Lightweight crinkle catnip pouncers that fly across the room at the slightest swat, have delightfully chewable reinforced corners, and a soft, huggable design to bunny kick with their feet? Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

catnip cat toy
cat toys pouncers

A Cat Toy for Pouncin’!

This cat toy development journey lead me to the final Pouncers! design when I took a basic catnip kicker toy tube of fabric, shrunk down the dimensions to be small enough to bat around (2.5”x4”), and sewed the opposite seam at an angle which ensures the toy is always standing up, ready for pouncing. The finished design allows the toy to tumble end over end, enticing the kitties to play longer!

Kitties play with a Pouncers! cat toy the same way they bat around a plastic jingle ball … without the plasticor the noisy jingle ball.

However, like a jingle ball, these super lightweight cat toys really FLY across the floor and kitties love carrying the toys around in their mouths. Unlike a jingle ball, the kittens can also enjoy chewing, hugging, and kicking these catnip toys.

My feline Research and Development team has been observed chewing, batting, hugging, kicking, swatting, pouncing, and carrying each cat toy around in their mouths. These Pouncers! cat toys are certainly well-loved!

Pouncers cat toys
Pouncers cat toys

Details About Pouncers! Cat Toys

Pouncers! cat toys are offered as a trio, each lightly stuffed with polyester fiber fill and a heaping teaspoon of a natural catnip and silver vine mix. The medium-weight cotton duck upholstery fabric is durable and reinforced corners help to withstand kitty chewing.

Each cat toy in the trio is a little different: One toy includes loud crinkle material, one has irresistible ribbon tags, and one is good old plain catnip!

As always, don’t leave cat toys unattended and put them in a safe place when playtime is over, especially if your kitty prefers to store favorite toys in their food or water dish when not in use (why do cats DO that?!). The “catnip high” will wear off after 10-15 minutes.

Refresh the catnip scent with a spritz of catnip spray if it loses potency.

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Where to Buy Pouncers! Catnip Cat Toys

The Pouncers! collection of catnip cat toys is available NOW on Etsy at The Purring Saw. SHOP NOW!

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