Assembling a Purring Saw cat tent requires no tools and can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Are you ready? Here we go…

cat bed

1. Pull cover over wood frame

2. Open frame and place on floor

cat tent
cat tent

3. Lay down blanket

4. Add your free toy and enjoy!

cat tent


Your cat just walked right in, curled up, and went to sleep on that super soft minky blanket, right?


This isn’t surprising at all. Cats are suspicious little beings and may not accept a new cat bed immediately. To help them acclimate to their new home, place a favorite toy inside. Pamper your kitty by serving “breakfast in bed” with a meal or treat in the tent. If the tent’s walk-through design is a little too open and airy for your kitty, try placing it against a wall for a more enclosed and cozy feel.

Your kitty will feel right at home in his or her new cat house in no time!