Is your cat’s birthday coming up soon?

Is there another kitty in your life celebrating a birthday?

If you’re looking for the purrfect variety pack for your cat’s birthday gift, don’t miss out on the new cat toy birthday bundles!⁠

In addition to birthday cat toys that may be purchased a la carte, there are a limited number of birthday bundles available. These make the purrfect collection to spoil your baby … and the bundles ship free!

These are the 5 Purring Saw favorites in a birthday bundle:

minky blanket
catnip kicker toy
Crinkle Tail teaser cat toy
cat birthday catnip toys

Cat toys to fetch.

Cat toys to kick.

Cat toys to chase.

And the coziest bed to nap in when playtime is over!

Birthday bundles were inspired by a recent customer who purchased each of these items. As I was packaging up the order, filling the shipping box with a super soft minky blanket, fun and interactive Crinkle Tail, and a few irresistible catnip crinkle toys, I thought, “What a lucky kitty!”

Now, the birthday edition variety pack of gifts that your kitty will love is available at a discounted price compared to the same items ordered individually and with free shipping!

Visit the Cat Birthday Gift section of the shop to customize your kitty’s own birthday bundle and see the full line of brand new birthday cat gifts!

cat birthday gift
cat birthday gift
cat birthday gift
cat birthday gift