Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Traci, the owner, creator, and dreamer at The Purring Saw. By way of New Jersey and Florida, I now happily call Raleigh, North Carolina, home with my husband and two sons. The feline population in our house ranges from two to ten depending on the number of kittens we are fostering.

The Purring Saw owner, Traci Lyn

A Little History

I share my home office with rotating batches of rescue cats and kittens. Getting to know dozens of kittens, each with unique personalities and different preferences for toys and cat beds, has been fascinating. Some prefer closed, cozy napping spaces while others sleep sprawled out on the middle of a wood floor. Watching these babies inspired me to build furniture — durable and stylish cat furniture — that will be loved by cats with all their delightfully picky tendencies while seamlessly coordinating with your home’s decor.

I have drawn upon my husband’s woodworking background in a family home building business and my mother’s life-long sewing hobby to meld wood and fabric. They have been the best teachers to help me learn new skills and are the reasons my dreams have become a reality. I couldn’t be more grateful. And I’m thrilled that my sons are able to watch their mom envision a dream and work hard to make it a reality.

Giving Back

Fostering rescue kittens is extremely rewarding. Fostering saves lives by providing a temporary home for animals in need that have nowhere else to live. I provide a space for kittens to live and grow until they are ready for adoption while freeing up space in already overcrowded shelters. It is my dream to not only create adorable cat tents with my hands and provide for my family, but to give back to wonderful animal rescues that work tirelessly to save the tiny and helpless. The Purring Saw joyfully donates a portion of all sales profits to animal rescue organizations here in central North Carolina.

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