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Where Do Foster Kittens Come From?

In nearly four years, I have helped over 100 foster kittens and mama cats. All were rescues and found their way to the shelter in various ways: abandoned, neighborhood strays, hoarder rescues, ferals... Fostering provides them with a temporary home while while they grow big and strong enough to be adopted into loving homes. All of these sweeties hold a special place in my heart, but I’ll share the stories of several litters to show the different ways foster [...]

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What Does A Kitten Foster Parent Do All Day?

So, aside from providing a safe room for foster kittens to grow, what exactly does a kitten foster parent do all day? What does a day in the life of a foster kitten parent look like? What exactly do you do on a daily basis? Daily tasks might look different for each kitten foster parent. Neonatal orphan kittens require bottle feeding every two hours around the clock. On the opposite end of the spectrum, kittens around 8 to 10 [...]

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Kitten Foster Room Setup

Fostering kittens requires a small space – a bathroom, guest room, or any other spare room – for the kittens to live. Your kitten foster room setup doesn’t have to elaborate or large. More than square footage, it’s important to remember that kittens are VERY messy so providing a space that is easy to clean is a top priority! Choosing A Kitten Foster Room After deciding I wanted to foster kittens, I knew that my kitten foster room [...]

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How I Became A Foster Kitten Parent

For nearly four years, my home office has doubled as a sanctuary for over 100 rescue kittens. Prior becoming a kitten foster parent, I had heard of cat and dog fostering, but never put any serious thought into the idea. That all changed very quickly when there were foster kittens in my home office less than a month after deciding that fostering might be a good fit for me! I’m sharing my fostering journey in hopes inspiring others to [...]

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